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NY Comic Con 2009 in Photos
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NY Comic Con 2009 in Photos

We start our NY Comic Con 2009 coverage with a handful of shots from the show floor.  We've got some great pictures of the entire thing.  What impressed me most was the sheer size of the show.  From a square footage perspective, this even topped last years PAX.  The people that were there were all upbeat and fun, with plenty of cos players wondering around posing for pictures. 

As we reported, there was a large gaming presence.  The nice thing about it was, in relation to say PAX, there weren't very long lines at the booths because the primary focus of the show was supposed to be the comics.  That being said we got a ton of hands on time with games, a ton of great chats with developers, and some unique and exclusive information. 

We'll be updating the site throughout the upcoming days so be sure to check back, for now...enjoy the pictures!