Nick Puleo - Owner and Managing Editor

Owner, creator, and mad scientist of Co-Optimus, Nick spends every spare minute devoted to gaming.

Co-Op gaming has been in his blood since the days of Sega Genesis playing Streets of Rage and Golden Axe. Of course the fond memories of the boardwalk arcade and Raiden II, Aliens vs. Predator, and Ninja Turtles didn't hurt either.

Nick's resume includes over 6 years of gaming coverage experience, including leadership roles at many prominent gaming outlets. He has created numerous websites to feed his insatiable appetite for world domination, of which, is coming along nicely.

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100% Bonus to the GOOOOOOOLD and XP

Diablo 3 Offers Halloween XP Bonus

It feels like it's been a while since the folks at Blizzard have been this generous, but if you're itching to dive back into some Diablo 3 this weekend on PC you'll be rewarded with 100% bonus to both XP and Gold Find across all of your characters. As with previous buffs, the bonuses will stack with existing in-game bonuses, including those provided by items, shrines, Pools of Reflection, and Paragon points.

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Visually explosive.

Sunset Overdrive Video Review

Sunset Overdrive launches today on the Xbox One. Hopefully you've already taken the time to read our written review of the game, detailing both the single player and co-op content. But Sunset Overdrive is a very visual game, it's exploding with color and style and while words might adequately describe the technical merits of a game, seeing the game in motion paints a more accurate picture of its glamour and chaos.

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A grinding good time.

Sunset Overdrive Co-Op Review

Sunset Overdrive from Insomniac Games is their first title since the multiplatform and co-op friendly FUSE hit a few years back. FUSE was the first Insomniac game to not be exclusive to a Sony platform and their next game, Sunset Overdrive is now an exclusive game on a Microsoft platform. How times have changed. The game is an open world actio...

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Co-Opticast Episode 133: Bill The Pony's Big Episode

We're down a man this week as Mike is recovering from a gentle surgery. No worries we have plenty to discuss including the latest on Destiny, Evolve, Far Cry 4, and more. After that we chat about whether or not we're tired of the media overload from the games industry. We also apologize to Bill The Pony, we did not mean to offend thee.

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