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Co-Optimus Community Voice April: tl;dr
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Co-Optimus Community Voice April: tl;dr

It’s true that games vary in length and content depending on the title, and type of gameplay experience expected. For some people short games are too short, and for others long games are too long. This months blog topic: "CCV: tl;dr" covers either of these situations, pointing a finger (or some words) at the games that are "Too long; didn’t resolve," or "Too little; didn’t rejoice."

It’s difficult to distinguish the perfect length for a game because there are so many different tastes out there for different gamers. While Dragon Age may be the perfect length and depth for some, it’s remained virtually untouched at a daunting 60+ gaming hours for others. Then Portal may have been the perfectly satisfying experience for some, but leaving others wanting so much more than a mere three hours of story.

We need help figuring out what is just right, especially with the cost of games sitting at $60 for retail, or $20 for many arcade games. Talk about times you’ve felt like you didn’t get your money’s worth because you didn’t finish the game or it was too short to fill the bill. Talk about times you’ve wanted to finish a game but not found the time, or a time where you wanted to know more about the world you’ve encountered before it’s snatched away from you by the end credits.

Tell us in a detailed blog what made a specific game or experience either too long, or too short for you to feel completely satisfied. In order to reach the front page on a Friday evening during the month of April, title the blog "CCV: tl;dr" and write a blog on this topic - but remember to stay on topic for the whole blog. Keep in mind spelling, grammar, and all those other fun rules of writing and we’ll post you to the front page.