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Battlefield Report: The Perfect Game Conundrum
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Battlefield Report: The Perfect Game Conundrum

  All Hands on Deck:

  It has come to my attention that the ice cream machine in the galley is broken. This is unacceptable.

  Take care of your equipment, and it will take care of you.

  Captain Wm Redbot


Yesterday I took a trip to GameStop to acquire a couple of PSP items for my summer trip overseas. As I scoured my games collection for anything that might have redeeming value, I gave extra consideration to the games that - well, to be frank - no one else played as much. Games that has lost their luster a bit.

First-person shooters fall under that category very, very quickly. Once you’ve gotten your soldier halfway leveled up another FPS game hits shelves, and the new hotness takes over. That may sound a little extreme, but for a primarily social gamer like myself the fact is that very few games have a truly lasting draw. Enough of a contingent of players sticks around to make keeping the game worthwhile...but if your own friends aren’t playing them, it’s almost a moot idea.

"Follow the leader! I'm right behind yoooooou!"

The conversation comes up often: why do people keep buying generic shooter games? To be honest, it’s because of the crowd mentality that news blogs, fansites, and the developers themselves drum up - it’s business. Consumers want to be on the cutting edge, which means that anything marketed as an improvement gets their hype. The non-lemmings are then left to make a decision: stick with the game in hand, or migrate with the crowds? Very few of us have that rare, unwavering personality that places game substance over social integration, I’d surmise.