Co-Optimus - Interview - `Splosion Man Interview - From Donuts to Beef

'Splosion Man

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes

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Co-Optimus: You guys seemed pretty surprised by the online lag issues - is there an ETA on the fix?

Josh:We are looking into that right now. It is a strange thing, because some people have no problems at all and others are having a rough time. So we are aware that some players are having issues, and will investigate it further.

Co-Optimus: The achievements are all pretty hilarious, but we want to know the details of the Omaha Steaks one! We need more beef! What's your favorite achievement?

Josh:Hahaha, awesome. The Omaha Steaks achievement was originally called "Vegetarians are Weak", which you earned by killing a ton of scientists. We changed it to its current name when Omaha Steaks and Microsoft had the idea to do a contest where players can win free meat that is sent to their house or apartment. That was too funny to pass up, so we changed the achievement name. I'm not sure when the contest goes live, but you should be hearing about it soon. My favorite achievement is the one where we force you to sit through our credits and read all of our names. I made sure that the achievement image was of our IT/Sound Programmer John Bodek. I just want people to have his face on their Xbox, looming around. He looks awesome and really scary at the same time, so I love it.

Co-Optimus: Since everyone love's donuts - what are the teams favorite donuts? This is vital information, that we must have.

Josh:Meat donuts. And since Sean Riley is a vegetarian, his favorite donuts are rock donuts and grass is a toss-up for him.

Co-Optimus: Is it really not a Portal reference, or is that - like the cake, a lie?

Josh:There is no cake but what cake we bake for ourselves.

Co-Optimus: What's next for Twisted Pixel..and will it have co-op? Perhaps some DLC for `Splosion Man?

Josh: What's next is making more awesome for players to enjoy. Can't announce anything yet, but I think the co-op experience in Splosion Man turned out great, so we definitely don't take co-op lightly. No DLC planned for Splosion Man right now, but we have some really cool ideas for it. Let us know if that is something you guys and gals want...we are always listening!


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