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First Week Down - Another Giveaway!

Well folks, our first week is over and it's been a fairly successful one.  We've gone from 0 to almost 300 members in no time!  We've almost doubled our database of Co-Op games, we've added a classics section and made some changes based on your feedback!   We'll be announcing the winners of our launch giveaway later today, but no...

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Faith and a .45 Co-Op Details

In single-player, you take control of Luke with Ruby as the second member of your squad, while in co-op (online or off -- jump in/out at any time) the second player controls Ruby directly. You have light squad control features in the single-player mode along the lines of a Gears of War, but the game does a few things you might not expect if you think of it as a "squad" game.

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GRAW 2 DLC Incoming on 360. Lots of Co-Op!

The GRAW 2 Co-op Collection consists of five Co-op Campaign missions that continue the story from GRAW 2. In total there are nine maps, seven of which are inspired by classic maps from Ghost Recon’s illustrious history and two that are totally brand new. All nine maps (including adversarial versions of the Co-op Campaign maps) have exquisite visuals and support all of GRAW 2’s thousands of customizable game modes.

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Burnout Paradise Review

Online freeburn with 8 people is a blast with over 300 challenges for online play, not to mention the ability to create your own races with or without checkpoints.

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Welcome to Co-Optimus!

For quite some time gamers cried out to developers to have a co-op mode in their games.  For what seemed like years, games that allowed you to have the same experience with a buddy were few and far between.  But it seems developers have finally heard our cries as more and more titles are including a co-op mode out of the box.  There are even games being designed from the ground up as a co-op experience. 

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Schizoid Still Coming to XBLA

From day one, Schizoid promised true teamwork where players have to rely on a friend to survive and advance through the game. The clip is short, but we get to see how the game actually works and why it's so "teamworky". In a nutshell, Schizoid is based on red and blue crabs that need killing, but there is no shooting in the game. Instead, you kill these evil crabs by running into them with the blue player ramming blue crabs while the red player rams the red crabs. But the catch is that the blue player can't touch the red crabs or they die and vice versa making the co-op element oh so apparent.

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Rock Band Instruments Available Separately Soon

When the now-platinum-selling Rock Band first hit stores last fall, developer Harmonix assured gamers that the game's instruments would be offered a la carte--eventually. Today, publisher MTV Games confirmed that, starting February 12, a $79.99 drum kit and $59.99 guitar would be available in US stores. No mention was made of when--or if--a Rock Band microphone would be sold solo, although the game already works with any USB microphone.

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