Co-Optimus - Preview - Kane and Lynch 2 Co-Op Hands on Preview

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
  • + Co-Op Modes

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The game really is intense, as I hid behind a counter for cover bullets ricocheted all around me kicking up debris from the magazine racks in the store.  The added video artifacts only made the situation that much more tense adding to the already chaotic scenario at hand.  It's times like these you'll need to call on your co-op partner for help - I truly felt pinned down. 

The battle culminated with me blowing up an entire store by taking out some gas canisters inside. After the smoke cleared I saw the final cop stumbling around, dazed from the explosion. It was a nice touch to a cinematic moment, and the entire explosive effect was very impressive. While my AI partner was decent enough, playing the game in local co-op (online is also available) was where it was at. It was easy to communicate our plans of attack, and the level design both indoors and outdoors really lends itself well to co-op play. There were numerous times we found ourselves splitting up to cover more ground, but we still had visibility to assist the other player.

With August fast approaching, Kane and Lynch 2 is coming together quite nicely. The visuals surprised me with just how slick they looked and the video artifact effects add to the experience. One thing I've always like with Kane and Lynch is the story isn't afraid to try new things, something I hope continues in Kane and Lynch 2. IO Interactive isn't unveiling too many details of the story, but with a focus on Lynch, you can imagine a slightly more chaotic feel. There were a few things in this preview we couldn't talk about, but rest assured in the coming months more details on the game will be unveiled, and there's plenty for co-op fans to be excited about.

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