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Cannon Fodder 3

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Cannon Fodder 3 Out Now on Steam, 15% Off

Cannon Fodder 3 was released earlier this year, but was only available via Gamersgate.  I was initially excited to learn the game was now available via Steam, allowing me to play the game's four player co-op mode with my friends via the service.  Sadly once I purchased the game I learned there's no Steam integration to speak of, it's simply a method for delivering the game to your computer.

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A Cuddly Toy in a Co-Op Game. Cannon Fodder 3 Released

As a long time PC gamer I have fond memories of the Cannon Fodder franchise.  It was a game where you controlled a mini group of soldiers that either lived or died on deadly missions through the jungle, desert and snow.  If they lived, the characters (all named) moved on to the next, if they died, their grave was added to the list of the fallen.  Because of this, you became attached to the little guys, and did everything in your power to make sure they survived to see the next battle.  Despite what sounds like a sobering game, it was incredibly entertaining - and actually quite silly.

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