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The developers have a lot in store, but most importantly, set co-op activities

Frontier Expo Unveils Next Year's Plans for Elite: Dangerous

While Frontier Developments' Elite: Dangerous has allowed for a group of players to team up and fly around the galaxy together and complete larger community goals, which are larger objectives within a sector to which all players contribute. Next year, though, the devs have a whole slew of updates planned that are collectively going under the title of "Beyond," and one of the first things that will be introduced are new co-op missions.

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Standing up for game makers!

Buy Elite: Dangerous On Their Site, Get Free Steam Key

At Video Game Character Career Day, it's not uncommon to see would-be heroes lined out the door at the Alien-Slaughtering Astronaut booth, or the Knight Who Kills Demons kiosk. Very rarely is there a line for the Virtual Trucker table since, well... Who really wants to haul cargo as a leisure activity? But watch what happens if we add the word "in space" to "a video game about the transportation industry. Also there are pirates there." The eight player co-op fest of Elite: Dangerous may not appeal to the vast majority, but if you're a fan, you're a super fan.

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Galactic Economy Simulator - Now with up to four players!

Check Out How The New Co-op Features Work In Elite: Dangerous

Ever since Elite: Dangerous was fully released last December, players have scoured thousands of systems for any reason whatsoever to use their fighter ship's wide array of weaponry.  They'll use anything from protecting breakfast cereal shipments to investigating a lonely asteroid as an excuse to introduce a couple rival pilots to the cold floatiness of space.  Now, they can do so with three fellow commanders at their side with the release of the Wings co-op mode!

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