Fusion: Genesis

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
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Fusion: Genesis Soundtrack Available for Free

We've only briefly seen anything on Fusion: Genesis, a twin stick shooter that blends in MMO elements from upstart studio Starfire.  The game's soundtrack was created by ex-Rare employee Steve Burke, who has soundtrack credits that include Kameo, Viva Pinata, and even the music you hear on your Xbox 360 dashboard.  Apparently Fusion: Genesis is nearing release and Steve was kind enough to release the game's  one hour and twenty-two minute sountrack for free.

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  • xbox live arcade
  • online

Fusion: Genesis Blends Twin Stick Shooting with a Co-Op MMO

Several industry veterans have left developer Rare to form a small development house called Starfire Studios.  Their first game is an Xbox Live Arcade game called Fusion: Genesis, a title that is being published by Microsoft Game Studios.  What is it exactly and why is it so exciting?  The game is a twin stick shooter at its core set in the future, while those may be a dime a dozen on XBLA - this one does something different - it combines the action of a twin stick space shooter with several elements of MMOs.

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