Fusion: Genesis

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
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Fusion: Genesis Soundtrack Available for Free
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Fusion: Genesis Soundtrack Available for Free

We've only briefly seen anything on Fusion: Genesis, a twin stick shooter that blends in MMO elements from upstart studio Starfire.  The game's soundtrack was created by ex-Rare employee Steve Burke, who has soundtrack credits that include Kameo, Viva Pinata, and even the music you hear on your Xbox 360 dashboard.  Apparently Fusion: Genesis is nearing release and Steve was kind enough to release the game's  one hour and twenty-two minute sountrack for free.

There's an interview with Mr. Burke over at ScoreNotes.com, and in it, we learn some details about the co-op game which is due out this winter including the proposed playtime of the title.

 The reason for so much music is the single-player mission can last up to 14 hours of gameplay, while the multi-player can have 40 hours of gameplay.

For an arcade title this could be an incredible value if this holds true.  Steve was kind enough to send over a behind the scenes shot of the mixing of the soundtrack.  You can also download the soundtrack by clicking the album cover located below. 

 Fusion: Genesis is out this winter exclusively on Xbox Live Arcade with 4 player online co-op.