Marvel Super Hero Squad

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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  • playstation 2
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This questionable co-op rides quietly into the sunset

Marvel Super Hero Squad Quietly Pulled From XBL

Probably to be filed under "things that won't surprise you," it's come to our attention that Marvel Super Hero Squad has been pulled from Xbox Live. This super hero brawler with pint-sized protagonists was geared towards younger kids and family play, but the nausea-inducing camera angles and unforgiving platforming bogged the game down to an unforgivable degree.

by Marc Allie 2
  • playstation 2
  • nintendo wii
  • couch
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Marvel Super Hero Squad Co-Op Review

I want you to take a good look at the picture above.  Upon first glance, it looks kinda cute, right?  Shorty, super-deformed versions of classic Marvel heroes are absolutely adorable.  Who can help but smile at the sweet lil' Silver Surfer?  Cap is cute too, and even Wolverine looks positively huggable.  Now, count the number of fingers they have.  WHOA!  They have three fingers and a thumb!  That's a bit disturbing.  This swing of emotion, from the initial "awww how sweet!" to the eventual "Oh gross, that's abominable!" exactly describes the feelings I had while playing Marvel Super Hero Squad.

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