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RayStorm X RayCrisis HD Collection

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
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  • playstation 4
  • nintendo switch
  • couch
These two collections of classic co-op shoot 'em ups are soon heading to PlayStation and Switch.

Taito Shoot 'em Ups 'RayStorm X RayCrisis' and 'Ray'z Arcade Chronology' Coming on June 30

Darius might be Taito's best-known series of shoot 'em ups, but the "Ray'z" series is popular too. Beginning with 1994's 2D RayForce (also known as Layer Section and Galactic Attack), the series went on to spawn two polygonal entries: RayStorm in 1996 and RayCrisis in 1998. Various iterations of these games will be included in a pair of upcoming collections for PlayStation and Switch from ININ Games: RayStorm X RayCrisis HD Collection and Ray'z Arcade Chronology. Both titles are due out on June 30.

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