Spiral Knights

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
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Steam Launches Free to Play Games, Many Co-Op

Valve has announced that Steam, their online digital distribution platform, will start adding Free to Play games to their online store.  These free to play titles offer no initial cost, but usually subsidize themselves by offering premium in game items for a small fee.

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Sega's Spiral Knights is a Free to Play Action/RPG

Free to play games seem to be all the rage these days...and with good reason.  Sega's join the foray with a free to play game that only requires a web browser and java installed called Spiral Knights.  The stylized game puts players in control of their own knight in a isometric Action/RPG.  Best of all the game supports four player co-op to complete quests, kill monsters and solve puzzles - many of the missions are designed just for co-op play.

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