Super Mario Galaxy

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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by Marc Allie 7
  • nintendo wii

Co-Op Casual Friday: Super Mario Galaxy

The new column has a name!  It seems totally obvious in hindsight, but what better title could there be for a series dedicated to the casual gamer that happens on Fridays?  Congratulations to Co-Optimus reader "roland", who won our "Name the New Co-Op Column" contest.  He'll get a brand spanking new copy of casual-friendly title Rock Band 2 for the Xbox 360 and a set of the critically acclaimed Co-Optimus stickers!  Read on to find our thoughts on a colorful, family friendly title for the Wii! It was a bit difficult to pick the first game to cover for Co-Op Casual Friday.  When I was writing the review for Mortimer Beckett, I thought perhaps that game would be appropriate.  But it's too close to the date of the review, and I know you want new content.  I even thought about Lips, which was a huge hit with non-gamers in my family.   However, I really wanted to cover something for the Wii , the system that has earned the casual console crown this generation.  I decided to save it for later, so for now, the Lips are sealed.  (Ba domp BOMP!)  I wanted something big, surprising, and still appealing to the kiddies as well.  So, I chose one of the finest titles available for the Wii, Super Mario Galaxy.

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