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What the Wii Looks like in Hi-Definition
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What the Wii Looks like in Hi-Definition

Lets face it, the Wii's graphics leave a lot to be desired for gamers with shiny HDTVs.  It especially rings true if your gaming is primarily done on the 360 and PS3 - only to move to the Wii and see a jaggie mess on your 52" beauty.  But there is hope!  

A Wii and GameCube emulator named Dolphin is capable of running the games at a higher resolution, including an HDTV compatible 720p.  What does it look like?  Pretty damn nice if you ask me.  There's a lot more screen real estate for you and your co-op partner(s) and no more jaggies!

This leaves us hoping for a WiiHD sometime in the near future! 


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