Tales of Symphonia Chronicles

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Impressions from the Bandai Namco Event Summer 2015

Tales of Zestiria and Dark Souls III Preview

Last week, I headed over to the Bryant Park Hotel to attend the Bandai Namco NYC Showcase Event. There they had a ton of their upcoming releases for the next few quarters. Of course, I was interested in the titles featuring co-op, which meant I spent a lot of time talking to the representatives for Tales of Zestiria and Dark Souls III.

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Undertake the Journey of Regeneration, this time in HD

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Impressions

Tales of Symphonia is often lauded as one of the strongest entries in the Tales series. As such, when it was announced that a 10th Anniversary HD Edition (entitled Tales of Symphonia Chronicles) would be released, fans were as pleased as punch. What does ToS Chronicles add or change, and how does this classic stand up to the test of time? To...

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