Total Carnage

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We've had the big prize all along.

Total Carnage's End Screen Bug Revealed 20 Years Later

If you've never heard of Total Carnage, it's the sequel to the co-op arcade game Smash T.V.  It's also one of my favorite co-op games ever.  It takes the twin stick formula of Smash T.V. and adds in heavy doses of comedy and continued over the top violence.  I've logged countless hours on this game over many different versions since it was released to home consoles on the SEGA Genesis.  One thing that's always bugged me, at least I thought, was that I never received the true ending to the game.  It turns out that's the result of a bug that's been there since the game was in the arcades in the early 90s.

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  • arcade
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Co-Op Classics: Total Carnage

It's the sequel to the mother of all twin stick shooters, Smash T.V. Total Carnage took gamers out of the arena and into the battlefield. We take a look back at the over the top title and its fun, quarter sucking, co-op experience.

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