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Who knew magic was so simple?

Our Weekend In Gaming: Casting Spells

My time travel spell worked!  Thanks to that musty, old eldritch tome I found in the storage nook, I've transported myself directly into another Friday.  Just imagine, with this kind of power, I could create a never-ending series of weekends full of gaming.  The possibilities are endle-... er, wait.  Actually, I'm just remembering that ever since quarantine began, all my days have started to blend together, so the last week feels like approximately seven minutes of time.  That must mean... I've... got a lot of newt's eyes to clean up.

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An unending mystery.

Our Weekend In Gaming: The Herobrine Chronicles

Whether it's the survival/building or dungeon crawling/looting variety, the Co-Opticrew just can't get enough of that sweet Minecraft action.  It makes perfect sense, too.  Mojang has built a charming setting over the years, so it's all the better that folks get to enjoy it after a hard week of work.  I'm personally pretty interested in the fan-made Harry Potter mod that's made the rounds recently, so that could sneak into future weekend plans.

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He's back and more poorly drawn than ever.

Our Weekend In Gaming: Mister Chief

The addition of Halo 3 to the Master Chief Collection on PC has got the Co-Opticrew all revved up for the weekend.  You can bet we'll be cranking up that difficulty and slamming our heads against the co-op campaign for as long as our bodies will allow.  We may be older and less agile than the first time Halo 3 came to town, but you can bet we haven't lost our cooperative gaming expertise.  Honestly, though, it's probably a good thing we're a co-op site, because diving back into the competitive multiplayer would probably go... not well.

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Updates for Black Desert Online, Defiance and Defiance 2050; a delay for New World

MMO Co-Opportunities Volume CXII: Otters, Delays, and Event Horizon

After a short break in June, we’re back with another issue of MMOCO! In this issue, we’ll be looking at a new area and storyline for Black Desert Online, a delay for New World’s launch, and a month-long event for Defiance and Defiance 2050. Let’s jump in! BDO Adds Papua Crinea Island and Storyline At the end of June,...

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You can move a mountain, if you do it brick by brick.

Our Weekend In Gaming: Building Blocks

The construct of time is becoming less and less stable here at Co-Optimus HQ, but I'm hearing from outside sources that another weekend is upon us.  With reality slipping into the same, Groundhog Day-esque loop, it makes sense that the Co-Opticrew has turned to simple building blocks as a way to force some sort of logic back into their lives.  Whether or not it will work remains to be seen, but you can't fault them for trying.

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The database gets some TLC

Co-Op Month in Review - June 2020

It's been a while since we've done a co-op month in review here at Co-Optimus, but I thought it was worth pointing out that we have a brand new staff member that is devoted solely to improving our database. As such we've added almost 300 games this month closing several gaps and adding a lot of the newly announced titles during the time that was traditionally E3.

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