2013: Infected Wars

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
2013: Infected Wars Co-Op Review
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2013: Infected Wars Co-Op Review

Zombie shooting with a side of in-app purchases.

2013: Infected Wars is a third person over the shoulder zombie shooter from Action Mobile Games. It's a game of survival and character progression, outfitting you with a thin supply of weapons and ammunition and challenging you to stay alive as long as you can. Better hope your touch screen can handle the greasy thumb streaks.

The story behind 2013: Infected Wars is a bit convoluted and honestly doesn't impact the game too much. Also, you most likely won't care, as there's stuff to shoot, and that always takes precedence. There's been some political upheaval in the world, a virus turned people into zombies, mercenaries explore the ruins of Earth in search of food and resources, and so on. The point is you're in the Red Zone, which is where all the bad guys are, and you need to stay alive. Ammo and health pickups are rare, as is just about everything except for zombies looking to gnaw on your face.

The controls are divided into two virtual sections on each side of the screen. The bottom left corner moves your character while the bottom right has buttons for firing and zooming. Tap on the bottom right third of the screen to drag your point of view and aim. Access the pause menu to use items or head back to the main screen. You can also tap your current weapon icon to do a quick reload, something you should do anytime there's a rare and precious lull in the action.

Each small section of the map locks you in with several waves of zombies coming out of the woodworks at set intervals. All you have to do is shoot and survive, which is always easier said than done. Zombies shamble towards you and absorb bullets like they're made of Kevlar. Aim for the head and hope you don't automatically reload when one (or ten) are about to step in for a brain snack.

The more you kill the more experience you gain, slowly leveling up your chosen character. You can choose between four classes, each with their own stat bonuses and weapon proficiency. The marine prefers assault rifles and SMGs, the sapper is all about the explosives, field support is good with shotguns and pistols, while the sniper sits back and stares through the scope until the zombie cows come home.

2013: Infected Wars is quite the difficult game, especially when you consider the platform it's on. You'll die more than once. Probably more than a dozen times. Each death kicks you back to the beginning of the level, stripping you of weapons but letting you keep the loot you picked up. This ensures your character slowly builds even if you suck at the game, but you'll never get too far ahead since you can't stockpile an arsenal of machine guns.