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The co-op in Two Worlds 2 consists of seven mini quests that branch the story between the first game and the second - for the most part gameplay is identical to the single player but with the added strategy and chaos that comes from introducing seven other players into your game. I love seeing the variety of characters online: the game allows you to choose the race, sex, and general class of your character - it’s easy to differentiate people while playing online.

Teamwork seems essential, as these online chapters are quite difficult; and its nice to have a good balance of player classes.  It appears as though the game scales the number of enemies depending on the number of players - which is a good thing.  You can also easily split up across any area on the map, as there’s no tethering. Players share XP from kills, and it seems the host player sets the difficulty for the map, which makes it easy to power level your friends.

The only major problem I can find with the co-op is the inconsistent length of the missions themselves. While the first few might take 30 to 45 minutes each, the laters missions can take almost two hours each. Normally this wouldn’t be so bad...except that there’s no way to save mid mission.

Much like this review, Two Worlds 2 is an incredibly meaty game with tons of content for both single player and co-op. After 15 hours of single player I'm not even one third of the way through - and after 7 or so into co-op I still have two chapters left to complete.  On top of this we still have deathmatch, team deathmatch, and a strategy oriented village mode to further increase the hours that can be spent on this game.

While I still feel Two Worlds 2 lacks some polish, the sheer amount of everything else combined with the deep nature of its crafting systems should allow you to overlook it. Action RPG fans have a lot to love here, and its nice to see such an improvement from the original game. Two Worlds 2 is far from perfect...but it still manages to be satisfying and addictive.


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