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Brian Harrison - Editor

Brian was born a normal child, a man like any other. His life was full of Voltron toys and TMNT on the television. But that all changed the day he went to visit a family friend. His eyes went wide in rapt fascination as his fatherís friend yelled at the screen and he witnessed his first game: Metal Gear for the NES. With the hand-cramping square controller in hand, he began the long odyssey that is console gaming.

A native of Washington state, Brian is blessed with the gorgeous scenery and forests that pepper the Northwest but is still not having it. Rather than emerging from the shadows of his man cave to embrace the great outdoors, heís huddled over a controller and barking orders at his best friend across Xbox Live. His only reason stated is that it "burns us."

Brian is a father of two wonderful boys and is finally pursuing a dream of writing for a more than just a hobby or passion. Heís an avid anime fan, micro-brew beer aficionado and seasoned karaoke performer. One day his first novel will be complete but until then, heís still attempting to beat Spelunky.

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