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Pre-orders are open in 3... 2... 1...

Zeno Clash II PC Release Date Set

Release date time! ACE Team and Atlus recently announced the first person melee fighting game Zeno Clash II will hit Steam on April 30th, with the XBLA and PSN releases to come at a later date. Pre-orders for the PC release have also opened up, featuring several options that include discounts, free copies of Zeno Clash for you and/or your pal, plus a bonus digital soundtrack and artbook.

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Also, many other things too odd for words

Zeno Clash II Trailer Shows Plenty of Punching

The first person melee brawler Zeno Clash, which is second only to Mirrors Edge in its ability to cause motion sickness, has a sequel on the way. Zeno Clash II looks just as bizarre and intriguing as the original, and as the trailer below illustrates, in the world of Zenozoik it's perfectly acceptable to replace your lower lip with a painter's palette.

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