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  • xbox 360
Grab an alien-squashing co-op game on the cheap

Squash Aliens Together with Xbox 360 Gold Deals

Been feeling the urge to squash aliens in co-op lately? From now until June 2nd, Xbox 360 Deals with Gold is running a sale that may just help you satisfy that urge. The list of games includes Star TrekAliens: Colonial MarinesAlien Hominid HDEarth Defense Force 2025Aliens vs. PredatorAlien Breed Evolution (Episode 1)Alien Breed 2: Assault, and Alien Breed 3: Descent.

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Owning Castle Crashers can help you unlock Hatty Hattington!

Earn Extra BattleBlock Theater Characters Exclusive to The Behemoth Games

After just one day into the release of BattleBlock Theater, we are already enjoying the game’s quirky co-op shenanigans. For fans of The Behemoth’s line of fantastic games, such as Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid HD, they will be glad to hear that players can unlock a few of these game’s star characters within BattleBlock Theater; crossovers galore!

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Microsoft Celebrates E3 2010 With Some Sweet Deals

This week during E3, Microsoft is releasing some great downloadable deals for those of us who can't attend the show. Starting Monday, June 14th through the week, Xbox Gold members will have access to a variety of downloadable titles, avatar items, and games on demand at price reductions as much as 50%. Quite a few titles appear on this list, and some of these are hard to pass up.

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