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Enjoy a pair of classic fantasy and sci-fi beat 'em ups (with enhancements) on Switch.

Golden Axe II and Alien Storm Join the Nintendo Switch Online Plus Expansion Pack

The Nintendo Switch Online Plus Expansion Pack is a yearly subscription that gives players access to numerous features. Among those features is a library of Sega Genesis games, playable on Switch with online multiplayer and other enhancements. 4 new games have just been added to the Switch's Genesis library: Golden Axe II, Alien Storm, Columns, and Virtua Fighter 2. Golden Axe II and Alien Storm are classic 16-bit beat 'em ups, and now Switch Online Plus subscribers can play them with online co-op!

by Marc Allie 1
Get a load of these great Genesis gems

Co-Op Classics Video Edition: Alien Storm and Wonder Boy 3

Once more, we take a look back at some co-op gems from the past. Both of today's video offerings are Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive, the international equivalent) games. My own experience with the Genesis was quite limited, so both of these were new to me. Step back into the 16-bit era as we investigate sci-fi brawler Alien Storm and platform/shmup hybrid Wonder Boy 3.

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Get Ready for Sega Genesis Classic Collection Gold Edition

Old school gamers, prepare your PCs.  The Sega Genesis Classic Collection Gold Edition has 46 titles of pixelated awesome, and it's available today.  You can get your co-op on with titles like Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, and more.  This collection has already been released digitally on Steam, but now you can pick up all four Volumes in on compact physical package.  For a full list of all the titles, read on.

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Sega Classics Reappearing on Your Local PC

It's round 3 on Sega's release of their classic titles to the PC, including some great co-op titles that we've revered throughout the years. Sega has spent a bit of time compiling their classic titles for release in one place, on the PC, hopefully to be kept, cherished, and relived by many - as well as shared with new generations to come.

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