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Astro A38 Review

Astro A38 Headsets Show Improvement After Beta

It's been sometime since we launched our initial impressions of the Astro A38 Headsets. Astro Gaming tried something unique for a hardware launch with them - they decided to beta test their product with consumers before calling it final. What exactly did that entail? Consumers got 50% off the retail price and the ability to upgrade to the final version by trading in their beta headsets towards the purchase price. We've been using the A38's now for a few weeks and here's what we've found.

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Beta Test My Beats

Astro A38 Beta Headphones Are a New Approach to a Crowded Market

Let's face it, if you're in the market for a gaming headset there are literally hundreds of choices. And in my personal opinion, there are very few "wrong" choices to make if you are willing to invest in a pair. Some folks will balk at $100 or $200 pair of headsets, but if you use them daily they are well worth the price you pay. We've been a longtime fan of Astro's headsets on this site, reviewing numerous pairs over the years. But their latest endeavor is a bit different than their last, and it might be an industry first.

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