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Feedback taken to heart

[Update] Changes on the Way for Necropolis Prior to Console Release

Harebrained Schemes' cooperative rogue-like Necropolis made its debut on the PC last month, and the initial reception was rather mixed. The developer listened to all of this feedback and came up with a plan to address it over the course of the next few months. The latest patch hit a couple weeks back, but there's more in store before the console release.

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Lionhead Survey Asks: What Worked For Fable 3? Will It Work For Fable 4?

As gamers we sure seem to know what we want after a game has been chewed and digested in our game systems, don’t we? It doesn’t happen often, but in the case of the upcoming fantasy sequel Fable 4 we get to drop our opinionated two cents in ahead of time, by rating the series it belongs to. In the hopes of having the best possible community pleasing game, Lionhead Studios has released a brief survey that wants to know what they did right for Fable 3 - including the use of co-op, to possibly carry on to a sequel.

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