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[Update] Changes on the Way for Necropolis Prior to Console Release
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[Update] Changes on the Way for Necropolis Prior to Console Release

Feedback taken to heart

Harebrained Schemes' cooperative rogue-like Necropolis made its debut on the PC last month, and the initial reception was rather mixed. The developer listened to all of this feedback and came up with a plan to address it over the course of the next few months. The latest patch hit a couple weeks back, but there's more in store before the console release.

Patch 1.03 added one of the most requested features, better descriptions for weapons so you'd know why one would be preferable to another, along with a handful of other fixes, and this is only the beginning. Over the next several weeks, Harebrained Schemes will add new enemies, a new playable character, new weapons and armors, and a new environment. All of this will be free and should, depending on when the game "goes gold," be available in the console versions when they're released later this year.

The full plan is detailed in a Steam community post here. Based on the plan, it's likely we'll see some new enemies and new weapons/armor sometime within the next couple weeks.

UPDATE - 8/17:

As pointed out in the comments by one of the developers (thanks, Mitch!), the 1.04 patch for Necropolis is now live and it includes the aforementioned new enemies and new weapons/armor. Full details can be found in the patch notes, but here are the bigger additions:

  • Added 2 New Enemies, including the Fire Djinn
  • Added 6 new weapons featuring unique abilities and effects including one which slows enemies with each slash
  • Added 2 New Armor sets with greater risks and rewards
  • Added a new potion and scroll, each designed for higher impact in Multiplayer
  • Added several new behaviors to some enemies for greater challenge (flanking, grouping, predictive movement, and attack cycling)
  • Added 17 new environment modules