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by Jason Love 0
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New content on the way for this innovative RPG

Episode 3 of Eon Alter Arrives Next Month

It's been a while since we lasted checked in with Eon Altar, the role-playing title that attempts to capture a little bit of that tabletop feel by using a central game device (such as a PC or tablet) as the DM/dungeon map and your smartphone as your character sheet/controller. In that time, a new episode of content has been released and a third is now on its way.

by Christopher Metz 3
  • xbox 360
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Spartan Ops is no cakewalk, so bring a friend along.

343's Frank O' Connor Discusses More Details on Spartan Ops Co-Op

After you cast your vote on November 6th for your respective presidential election candidates, you’ll be all set to go out and purchase Halo 4 with its first Spartan Ops episode ready to go. Spartan Ops, a special co-op mode featured in Halo 4, is one of 10 “episodic missions” that take place directly after the single player campaign.

by Katrina Pawlowski 4
  • playstation network

Blue Toad Murder Files Episodes 4-6 Impressions

At long last the final episodes of the Blue Toad Murder Files graces PSN users that have been waiting for the stunning conclusion to the series. Previously, we reviewed the first 3 episodes, and now it's time for the finale. Our four Blue Toad agents are back to finish solving the crimes of Little Riddle, but how does it all end? Happily ever after, or something a bit more sinister?

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