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Move over John Woo

A Black Ops 2 Zombies Fan Film for your Friday Viewing Pleasure

We get tips from time to time for fan films based on popular co-op video game franchises.  Sometimes the efforts are pretty amateur, though admirable, and other times they are simply slick.  This fan film based on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2's zombies mode falls towards the latter.  The film by Jason Rosete features three agents on a mysterious island on some sort of mission - only to discover the island is infested with glowing eyed zombies.  Time to team up (co-op) and kick some zombie butt.

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Left 4 Dead Fan Film Looks like the Real Deal

Fan films are all the rage these days, but most can't seem to actually hold a visual candle to the source material.  While their hearts are usually in the right place, these films lack the financial backing to turn their creator's true vision into a reality.  That's what makes the Left 4 Dead fan film so unique - it's being created by several folks from Airsoft GI, manufacturers of Airsoft guns.  They also seem to have a few sponsors on board helping fill the coffers and creating something that looks like Left 4 Dead..

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