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by Nick Puleo 5
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Jane Returns to the Flight Deck

PC gamers might remember the Jane's series of flight simulator games.  Started in 1996 and published by Electronic Arts with Jane's Advanced Tactical Fighters, the realistic flight simulators had each game focusing on an interesting aircraft or type of aircraft.  My personal favorite was Jane's Longbow 2 which focused on the aircraft of the same name.  The name of the series may seem odd to some, but it comes from the Jane's Information Group, a group founded in the 19th century focused on sketching realistic models of ships. 

by Marc Allie 0
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'WWII Aces' Flies High on the Wii

Gamotopia gives news of a co-op title that completely flew under our radar: 'WWII Aces' for the Wii.  You and a buddy can enlist in the Royal Air Force, Soviet Air Force, or the Luftwaffe for some airborne action.  Choose from 12 authentic airplanes of the period and take off to complete one of 70 different historic missions.  The ga...

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