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What did that huge, winged monstrosity ever do to you?

Battle Robot Tigers in Freedom Wars

Ever wonder what would happen if you Japan-ified The Running Man into a video game? Wonder no further, friends. Freedom Wars is the answer you've been searching for all this time. Instead of criminals fighting other mere humans for a chance to earn freedom, our customizable big-eyed anime convicts are set to wage war against a slew of monstrous enemies. 

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Or is it Panopticon?

Freedom Wars Wants You to Fight Giant Monsters, Cooperatively

Japan Studio recently released a video showing off Freedom Wars (formerly thought to be titled Panopticon), a dystopian action game filled with guns, mechs, and massive enemies. Set in the year 102013, the ruined Earth is essentially a battleground where convicted criminals are sent to fight giant monsters as punishment. And since everyone who commits a crime is found guilty, there's always some sort of epic battle going down.

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