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Traditional Alloy framework with new HyperX branded switches

HyperX Alloy Origins Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

If you’ve read some of my other peripheral reviews, you might know that I’m a big fan of the HyperX Alloy series of keyboards. The original Alloy FPS (reviewed three years ago in October of 2016) made me believe that mechanical keyboards weren’t all just hype. Since then, I’ve reviewed the Alloy FPS Pro, the Alloy Elite, and...

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All Of The Right Strokes

Kaliber HVER PRO RGB Keyboard Review

Each piece of gaming hardware can greatly alter the experience of the game being played. A faulty headset and the whole team feels the impact when you fail to communicate danger in time; a lackluster mouse and your interaction with the world through selection or direction can become more of a hurdle than it should be; and with a subpar keyboard the entire experience can be slammed to a halt, no matter the game. Thankfully, Kaliber’s HVER PRO RGB Keyboard does a great job whether it’s under the pressure that comes from the heat of a game or writing this very review.

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