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And maybe a fifth once that mystery game gets unlocked.

Indie Royale Bundle Features Four Co-Op PC Games

The Indie Royale Bundle has unveiled its latest offering, packing together a handful of games for a low "pay pretty much whatever you want" price. As long as you beat the minimum, of course. This bundle is dubbed the Spiral Groove Bundle and it's all about action games. And what makes an action game even more actioney? The chance to show off your skills in co-op! All four of the games currently featured have co-op modes, so you can stop worrying about how you were going to fritter away your weekend instead of doing something that, I don't know, solves world hunger or something like that. Whew.

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New Gatling Gears Screenshots

Last month we had a hands-on preview of the promising Gatling Gears.  It's a twin stick shooter that has some RPG elements, plus two player local and online co-op.    You will pick up "gears" throughout the thirty-level campaign and spend them on upgrades for your battle chassis. You can then pilot your own customizable mech in your friend's game.  Today we have some new screen shots showing plenty of destruction and explosions.  As big twin stick shooter fans, Gatling Gears is one to check out when it becomes available this spring on XBLA and PSN.

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