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by Andrew Gaskill 2
  • xbox 360

Epic's Gears of War: Exile Cancelled

Bad news, everyone? Gears of War: Exile, an unannounced game lacking any details other than this header image, has been struck down by the Hammer of Dawn. It's been chainsawed to bits. It has ceased to be. Dry your tears. We first brought this "game" to your attention back in January of last year. Many speculated that the title would be an on-rails shooter utilizing the 360's Kinect peripheral.

by Andrew Gaskill 5

RUMOR: Gears Of War: Exile

What, pray tell, is this?  The interwebs are a buzz with the sounds of speculative flies.  (Get it? The internet is like a spider web, and we're all just insects trapped-- oh never mind.) This bad boy showed up recently and Epic doesn't have much, if anything, to say about it.  Even Cliffy B hasn't tweeted about it, yet, and he tweets about everything.  Rumors are running rampant, from pre-Gears of War 3 DLC a la Dead Rising 2 to a possible Kinect connection.  Whatever it is, I hope it blatantly rips off Capcom, because that would be hilarious.  

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