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42 Games, 1 Rush Of Pure Childhood.

SEGA Genesis Mini Slated for Sept 19 Release

Keeping up with all of the mini consoles on the market, SEGA has announced their SEGA Genesis Mini will become available on September 19, 2019. The teeny console comes packed with 40 games (and two “bonus” titles), all of the required cables, and 2 controllers so you and a friend can throw back to your playtimes of ol’ with Contra: Hard Corps, Golden Axe, Gunstar Heroes, Toejam and Earl, and so many more.

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Get Ready for Sega Genesis Classic Collection Gold Edition

Old school gamers, prepare your PCs.  The Sega Genesis Classic Collection Gold Edition has 46 titles of pixelated awesome, and it's available today.  You can get your co-op on with titles like Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, and more.  This collection has already been released digitally on Steam, but now you can pick up all four Volumes in on compact physical package.  For a full list of all the titles, read on.

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Sega Genesis Classics Pack 4 = Cheap Co-Op Fun

Is there anything better than classic co-op gaming from the awesome consoles of yesteryear?  How about CHEAP classic co-op gaming from the awesome consoles of yesteryear ON YOUR PC?  A new collection of Genesis gems (no, not Columns) is now available through digital download services.  It's a tremendous bargain, featuring 10 games for the quite low price of $7.50 (on Steam).  Included in the set of games are co-op greats Gunstar Heroes, Streets of Rage and its sequel, and a title I am less familiar with, Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair

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Co-Op Classics: Happy Twentieth Birthday, Sega Genesis

Twenty years ago today, the Sega Genesis was released in North America.  Known as the Mega Drive in Japan, the Genesis was a big hit.  The NES was dominant at the time, but that fabled console was a bit long in the tooth.  With the help of truly superb marketing (Sega does what Nintendon't!), and a certain blue hedgehog, the Genesis became Sega's most successful console.  It was also a great way to play co-op with a friend, with many stellar co-op games in the Genesis library.

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Gunstar Heroes Co-Op Review

When I was growing up, I was your stereotypical Nintendo Kid.  Sure, I knew of the Sega systems and I had played them from time to time, but I never owned any of their systems aside from a pair of Game Gears that a well-meaning grandparent sent my brother and I for Christmas.  Knowing this, you would also be able to extrapolate that I grew up playing Contra, the seminal co-op shooter we all know, love and memorized the Konami code for. Why am I bringing up Contra in this review? The reason is simple: Gunstar Heroes ruined Contra for me. The very first time I played this at a friend's house, I knew the game had changed. I couldn't go home again.

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Co-Opticast Episode 22: Buy Trine

Co-Opticast Episode 22: Buy Trine Believe it or not, this episode title is not a paid advertisement. Neither is the podcast. But for as much as we talk about the Trine demo and our enjoyment of it - well you might think Frozen Byte is kicking us a little something.

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