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A Kick-Ass Deal

Kick-Ass, the movie based on the graphic novel of the same name, comes out today on DVD and Blu-ray.  To celebrate the occasion, WHA Entertainment has permanently lowered the price of the Kick-Ass game on its exclusive home of the PlayStation Network.  The game is a two player co-op brawler and uses licensed material from the movies quite extensively.

by Katrina Pawlowski 9

This Week In Co-Op: The Importance of Playing Co-op

This is Kat "Shadokat" Pawlowski reporting in for Marc "Djinniman" Allie, who is facing an unforeseen crisis at the moment. He has fallen pray to the realm of single player like so many around him, playing the Iron Man 2 game (which should have had co-op because Warmachine, duh) instead of co-op. I'm here to share the importance of co-op gaming caused by this single-player crisis.

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Kick-Ass Co-Op Review

When it comes to licensed games from popular film or other medium, you can consider most of us gamer types to be a bit skeptical. We recently took a look at the PSN co-op title Kick-Ass (of movie and comic book fame) to decide for ourselves which category this beat 'em up brawler fits in.

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On The Download Issue 8: On The Cheap 'N Indie

This week we wanted to honor some phenomenal Indie games that cost a mere dollar on Xbox LIVE Arcade, and a few honorable mentions of Co-op Indie games that were very enjoyable. Everything in this episode is on the cheap, so if you've got 80(POINTS) or so lying around, you should check these out.

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