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by Marc Allie 0
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Co-Op Casual Friday: Murky Horizon

The formula for Murky Horizons is something like this: take a healthy dollop of twin stick shooter, mix thoroughly with a "build your own maze" tower defense game, and add in a hint of the "stay in the light or die" mechanic from Gears of War. It may sound like an odd conglomeration, but it works.

by Nick Puleo 7
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Murky Horizon Combines Twin Stick Shooters with Tower Defense and Co-Op

The Xbox Live Indie channel is growing and growing in terms of quantity, but what about quality?  We've seen some improvements there as well.  One such example is a new game called Murky Horizon.  The game borrows from twin stick shooters of the past, like my favorite Smash T.V., but adds in the extremely popular tower defense genre to the formula.  Splash it all with four player co-op and you're in for a fun ride for only $1.

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