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by Nick Puleo 8
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Unit 13 Online Pass Issues Highlight Digital Distribution Pitfalls

All day yesterday I was checking the PlayStation Network Store via my Vita, hoping to see a content update so I can download Unit 13, the latest co-op shooter from Zipper Interactive.  I'm on the review for the game, so time is crucial for me, as I want to get the most out of the experience.  To my disappointment the game wasn't available until almost 8:30PM Eastern last night, after which, I needed to wait almost two and a half hours for the 1.2GB game to download.   Sadly, these superfluous issues with time were only the beginning.

by Jason Love 11
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Syndicate's Co-Op Mode Will Be Available to New Buyers and Used Gamers Alike

There will be no need to "breach" your 360 or PS3 in order to enjoy the 4 player online co-op mode in Starbreeze's upcoming revival of the PC classic Syndicate. In a move that's a bit different from how they (and many other publishers) are currently releasing games, publisher EA has stated that no online pass will be required in order to play the game with friends. This means that whether you buy the game used or new, you'll have access to all of the content that originally comes on the disc.

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