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by Nick Puleo 17
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Does brand loyalty even matter?

Resetting the Console Wars - Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Get a Fresh Start

The upcoming generation of consoles, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 specifically, feel a bit like an old school console war. The mud slinging, slight of hand, and jabs between Sony and Microsoft remind us of Nintendo and Sega from the Genesis and SNES era. But are fans sticking in the corner of their favorite console manufacturer?

by Nick Puleo 18
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Happy 10th Birthday Xbox! What's Your Favorite Co-Op Game?

Ten years ago today Microsoft changed the console war from a battle between two, to a battle between three.  The Xbox, a big black box loaded with a "duke" controller became a staple of hardcore gamers.  It contained a hard drive and a network connection, and it was the beginning of a big change for consoles.  The system saw many great co-op games over it's life span, though none may be more iconic than the one it launched with in Halo.

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