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by Mike Katsufrakis 11

Primal Gaming Audio Wireless Headset + Microphone Review

As a new father, I often have to game with my loud sound system turned down so far that the air conditioner makes hearing game dialogue fairly difficult. Recent games with fun stories,  good voice acting and great music (Red Dead Redemption, etc.), lose a lot while played watching subtitles. So, enter the Primal Gaming Audio Wireless Headset: I needed headphones, but I don't have the scratch to afford a slick pair of Astro A30's, nor do I really want to deal with a multitude of cords. Can these cans silence my mighty air conditioner whilst also allowing me to game or watch movies in peace?

by Nick Puleo 2
  • xbox 360

Primal Wireless Headset with Unique Microphone Launched for Xbox 360

Headsets are becoming more and more popular, and as you've seen before,  we've been covering a variety of them.  Some sets are wired, some wireless, all are crucial to your gaming and co-op experience.  Like any good headset, it's only good if there's a quality microphone to communicate.  The new Primal Wireless Headset from Rude Gameware offer a unique solution to a completely wireless package.

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