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Celebrate by checking out the first hour of co-op gameplay!

Reagan Gorbachev Is Out Now On Xbox One And PC

We've all been in situations that forced us to cooperate with a bitter rival.  Maybe you need a partner for doubles ping pong, and Ernesto, that jerk from the second floor, is the only one left in the break room.  Or maybe you have to pass it to your team's ball hog because, let's be honest, he's the only one on your intramural team with any actual skill.

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These two guys finally learn the meaning of co-op!

Reagan Gorbachev, the Arcade Shooter You Never Knew You Wanted

Were you alive during the '80s? That's the 1980s, for anyone who's about to get all pedantic. You probably remember two world leaders who had something of a rivalry going on: Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. It took a few decades, but someone finally found a way for those two rapscallions to get along. Lucky for us it's a top-down arcade game and not some boring political whatever!

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