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by Andrew Gaskill 5
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It never hurts to ask...

Rise of the Triad Interview: What about Co-Op?

When I first heard that Rise of the Triad was getting a reboot, I instantly thought to myself, "What the hell is a triad?" Fortunately for me, our own intrepid Sam Tyler is quite fond of the game. He reminisced about the bygone era of flannel shirts and grunge music, or whatever they listened to in the UK in 1995. He recently did a small write up for the game's recent announcement trailer, recalling an improvised co-op mode he would play with a pal.

by Sam Tyler 1
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Classic PC shooter is returning and should have the integrated Co-op of yore

Rise of the Triad Remake to Ascend onto PC

Before days of broadband, even before the days of decent modems, I would play PC games such as Rise of the Triad in co-op.  How, you may ask?  I would get my parents to drive my PC and I to a mate’s house and connect computers using serial cables – old school.  Thankfully, Rise is entering the realms of 2012/13 with the announcement of a PC remake.

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