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by Nick Puleo 1
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PlayStation 3D Display with SimulView Launches November 13th

The first Sony TV with the much lauded SimulView technology will be available for purchase on November 13th worldwide.  The 24 inch 3D TV utilizes a set of 3D glasses for each player to create two distinct 2D images - thereby eliminating an actual split-screen setup and allowing both players to look at the full screen.  We had some eyes on time with the TV back at E3 and came away pretty impressed - but one thing has changed since then - the bundled game.

by Jim McLaughlin 15

Un-Split Screen Patent Filed by Sony

I remember reading about this concept last year, and from the very beginning I was hopeful that it would see the light of day. Now it seems Sony has filed a patent that takes advantage of 3D tech in a way that breaks new ground for Co-Optimers where 3D itself really can't: couch co-op.

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