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Uber Entertainment's Idea of a Joke is a new Smash T.V. Game

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a HUGE fan of Smash T.V.  The original two player co-op arcade game has a place near and dear to my heart.  So when Uber Entertainment decided to create a new version of the game for their April Fools joke utilizing Monday Night Combat characters I was both amazed, excited and heart broken all within the same 10 second span.  It even has four player co-op.   You're killing me're killing me.

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This week in co-op, International Lag and Getting to Know you

If there is any one thing this site is familiar with, it’s the challenge of coordinating two or more people to play together. That is, after all, the focus. Sometimes even careful planning can go astray when time zones get in the way. This week in co-op Kat and Sam discover just how interesting, and worth while a cross continental exchange can be.

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Co-Op Classics: Total Carnage

It's the sequel to the mother of all twin stick shooters, Smash T.V. Total Carnage took gamers out of the arena and into the battlefield. We take a look back at the over the top title and its fun, quarter sucking, co-op experience.

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But it didn't happen.

Smash TV Sequel WAS in the Works

Earlier this year Midway, makers of such classic games as Mortal Kombat and Smash TV, went bankrupt and folded.  Pieces of the studio were bought up, and rights to certain games went this way and that.  Lost in the whole mess though is something of a disappointment, as we've found out the original creators of the classic co-op game Smash TV were working on a sequel.

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