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Kinect Hardware Review and Game Impressions

Microsoft's answer to motion control gaming is here with the Kinect. Combining a video camera with voice control and facial recognition, the Kinect looks to revolutionize the way we interact with our video games. But does it deliver on that experience, or is it merely a gimmick?

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Sonic Free Riders Co-Op Trailer, First Review

Microsoft's Kinect launches tomorrow and sadly there's very few co-op titles to play.  But if you are looking to flail around your living room to a classic Sega franchise with a friend on a virtual hoverboard - look no further than Sonic Free Riders.    As Tally previewed in our coverage of the game, there's two modes of co-op play.  In one mode called Tag Racing players can join hands and fuse their boards to get extra speed while racing.  In another mode called Relay, players race in a typical relay like fashion to win the race.

by Tally Callahan 3

SEGA Event: Sonic vs. New York

"Xelissa" attends SEGA's Fall 2010 Event in New York: Sonic vs. New York. She takes a look into the co-op titles that were there: Sonic Free Riders and Shogun 2: Total War (Conduit 2 forth-coming later this month).

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