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Two webhead games are better than one

Co-Op Classics Video Edition: Webslinging with Spider-Man

In this installment of Co-Op Classics, we have two brand new retro videos for your entertainment. Tying in to the theater release The Amazing Spider-Man, we looked back through the old catalog for two co-op 90s brawlers. One was an arcade hit: 1991's Spider-Man the Video Game. The other was available on home consoles in 1995: Spider-Man & Venom Separation Anxiety.

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Spider-Man and his not quite so amazing friends

Co-Op Classics: Spider-Man the Video Game

The past few years have given us Spider-Man games on an almost annual basis, including the recent Amazing Spider-Man movie tie in and the excellent Shattered Dimensions. Sadly, only one Spidey game in this console generation offered co-op: 2007's mediocre Friend or Foe. If we head back in time even further, we have to travel quite a ways until more co-op webslinging shows up, and one of these games is the topic of today's Co-Op Classics: Spider-Man the Video Game, which hit arcades in 1991.

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Co-Op Casual Friday: Spider-man: Friend or Foe

Spider-man has had a long and generally successful video game career.  Spider-man for the Atari 2600 was an early game based on the web-slinger, and it was quite fun and addicting for the time.  A whole slew of Spidey games followed, for a large variety of game systems.  The Amiga, PC, NES, Game Gear, Game Boy, Genesis, Super Nintendo, and more all had multiple titles, of varying quality.  With the explosion of Spider-man's popularity after the movies, the wise cracking webhead hit the previous generation of consoles, culminating in what in my opinion, is the finest Spider-man game to date, Spider-man 2.

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