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by Christopher Metz 3
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Grab your friend that don't own the game and play it anyway!

Blizzard Adds "Spawning" Feature to Starcraft II

Being able to access and play a free version of Starcraft II is quite the gift from Blizzard to give, but what if you wanted to share your gaming experiences with a friend as well. Entering today is a thing called, “Spawning”; a brand new feature that essentially brings free co-op options to those who don’t own the full game themselves.

by Nick Puleo 3
  • pc Accounts Compromised, Change Your Password ASAP

Blizzard have released a special statement regarding all accounts stating that there was some sort of hack or "unauthorized illegal access" to a large quantity of US accounts.  According to Blizzard no credit card or billing address information was obtained, but email addresses, encrypted passwords, and security questions were all stolen.  While the chance of the information actually being utilized is slim, Blizzard recommends you change your password immediately. 

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