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by Tally Callahan 9

This Week in Co-op: Co-op in JRPGs

I have a love/hate relationship with JRPGs. We always start off on a good foot: I admire the often impressive graphics, delight over whatever crazy-complicated combat system it offers, thrill over opening the chests and equipping my characters. Ten (or twenty, or thirty) hours later, I can easily find myself cursing its random encounters, its stubborn adherence to save points (which often come few and far between), and its convoluted storyline that had ceased to make any sense and appears to never end. A reveal of some new system or gaining better understanding of some already existing gameplay element that was holding me back can soothe my rage and I can go back to enjoying it again or I drop the genre in disgust until the next shiny, plastic-wrapped box courtesy of Japan whispers promises that this one will be different. This isn't the pattern of all JRPGs I've played, but sadly, it's a common pattern.

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