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Disc Eating Drives

Xbox One Has its Own Hardware Issues

Last week a few days after the PlayStation 4 launched, we reported that several people were having issues with their console. This week the Xbox One launched, and like we said before, with any sort of release of this magnitude problems are almost guaranteed to pop up. We've been keeping tabs on reviews, forums, and direct feedback from our readers and it looks like there are two issues that are popping up for the Xbox One.

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"Blue Light of Death" Reported

PlayStation 4 Launch Issues - Faulty Systems, PSN Struggles

Sony's PlayStation 4 launched yesterday and as with any major release there are a few technical issues right out of the gate. Numerous users are reporting dead systems out of the box or after the 1.50 update; which is mandatory to access many of the console's features. Anyone who tried to play a game online during launch night also knows there were quite a few issues with PSN and for a period of time, users couldn't even sign in.

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Games with three or more players can suffer severe lag or dropping of players

PSA: Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Currently Has a Co-Op Issue

I received my review copy for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Thanksgiving weekend. I was a little sad when I found out that currently the game only supports TCP/IP co-op, mostly because it meant I couldn't try out the co-op until release (I didn't know anyone else that had an early review copy). November 28th rolled around, which meant I could try the co-op... theoretically. Unfortunately, that was not to be, as my press copy was not the same version as the released copy! This took me a few frustrating days to find out (my own fault) as I attempted many work-arounds that didn't work (how could they have, considering the root problem?)

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